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Preparing A Home for Listing Photos

One thing to be done when you put your home on the market is having a professional photographer come and take pictures for the listing photos. As these images will be what other realtors and potential buyers see first it is important the home looks its best in all of the photos. Being proactive can help the home to sell more quickly because the listing will look professional and draw potential buyers.

Having a good photographer is a bonus, but there are steps to take in order to make their job much easier. Preparing the property before they arrive guarantees quality photos which can drive traffic to your listing and increase the likelihood of selling the property in a timely manner. An experienced Niagara-on-the-Lake real estate agent suggested some guidelines for sellers to follow to create great looking photos.

  1. Staging

If you are good at working with space and have some experience in design hiring a professional to stage the house may not be necessary. However if this is not your forte bringing someone in with a trained eye and experience in the real estate market is a major asset. A staged home typically shows better in listing photos so consider making this a priority.

  1. Bright Lighting

Dark properties tend to appear even darker in pictures so if this is a concern it needs to be addressed. When realtors and buyers are viewing listing photos they like to see bright looking houses with ample lighting. If the home has any dim, poorly lit rooms add extra lamps and open windows for natural lighting and an inviting ambience. The lighter the property looks the better.

  1. Check the Angles

Rooms often appear bigger or smaller depending on the angle the photo is taken. Position furniture in a direction that gives the photographer a good space to work with. Be aware of the lighting and how it impacts the picture and whether the furniture needs to be placed in front of windows for a nicer look.

  1. Declutter Rooms

Any clutter or other personal belongings laying around in the background of the distracts people viewing the photos and also detracts from the beauty of the home. Clear all flat surfaces and pick up any piles or out-of-place items from the floor to create a better photograph. This enables interested parties to get a better look at the property.

  1. Remember the Exterior

The outside of the house may not be the first picture a realtor or potential buyer sees. This does not mean it is not an important part of the home. Some buyers are as picky about the exterior as they are the interior. Keep this in mind when organizing for the listing photographer. All lawns should be mowed and fences in good condition.

  1. The Kitchen

Many people consider the kitchen to be one of the major focal points in a home so highlight it in the photos. Clearing all clutter and packing away extra appliances ensures a nice clean look. Hide personal items and take all magnets off of the fridge. Only keep the basics so as not to take away from the space.

  1. The Master Bedroom

This is a very important room potential buyers pay a lot of attention to when touring a property. If the house has a great master bedroom show this. Make sure to put away all personal items and consider purchasing a new linen set for the bed. If the bedroom has a walk-in closet ensure it is tidy and not crammed full of clothes and shoes.

  1. The Family Room

This is the space buyers want to imagine themselves in the most. The living room is typically the heart of the home so creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere is a great idea. Again plan to declutter and depersonalize it and do not have too many pieces of furniture because it makes the room appear smaller. Hide cords and cables from view as well.

  1. The Bathrooms

Bathrooms are typically the smaller rooms in the house so it can be difficult to take a well-angled picture creating the illusion of size. Because of this focus on creating a clean space without any extra items. Hide all personal items and hang some new hand towels.

  1. Talk to The Realtor

When the realtor is touring the house before the listing photographer comes to the property ask if they have any suggestions of what you should to highlight and what you might need to change. They are experts and know what looks good. They can suggest any necessary adjustments before the photographer arrives.

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